The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

Patrick is a shy boy from a children’s home. After visiting the zoo and observing a parrot, he starts to dress colourfully and becomes obsessed with them, which makes it even harder for him to belong and find parents who want to adopt him.

After visiting the zoo and observing a parrot family, little Patrick, who lives in a children‘s home, starts to believe he is one of them and finds his true identity. He starts to see other children‘s similarities to animals as well – his world becomes more interesting, but also more challenging. Being an outsider from the very start, Patrick gets even more left out and bullied, when he starts to dress up colorfully like a parrot. Everybody pushes the weird boy away, even foster parents picking other children instead of him. One day, Patrick gets sick of it and makes a scene in front of some potential parents, dancing around and imitating a parrot. After this incident, the houseparent's reputation is put at stake, so Patrick gets detention and almost misses the chance to meet his future parents, who are as weird as he is.

Director’s statement
The film is an original story for which the inspiration came from personal experiences, especially, when I was a young redhead boy growing up in post-soviet Lithuania.
The short 8-minute animated film is about being yourself and finding people who will accept you. It will be shown via 6-year-old orphan’s eyes – how that self-acceptance helps him find his perfect family. I chose to use childish illustrations with lots of colours and textures to create realism and give a nostalgic feel that reminds the traditional style of animation. In the end, it will shift to give the audience a more organic feel. The imagery mixed together with “live” sound and orchestra will enable an emotional immersion to the story. For me, it was important to look to the inner world of the character, especially as this is a sensitive topic that requires a very responsible approach. The film will not have dialogues, except for one word “Hello”, which will connect the dots in the story and lead us through it.


Meinardas Valkevičius

Akvilė Bliujūtė - Janušė

Country of production


Target audience

4-8 year old

Animation Technique


Production company

UAB Meinart

Looking for

Sales Agent, Distributor


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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