The Hive

Kako je nastao pčelinjak

Before the first hive, young bee Jana must find a way to unite the bees and save them from the greedy bears.

Long ago, before the first hive, the bees were divided, controlled and managed by deceitful bears. A honey tribute was used to keep the bees in line, busy and obedient. The story follows the naive bee Jana who selflessly helps young Sophie to make the necessary honey. Jana and Sophie make friends with the curious bee Johnny who eventually falls in love with Jana. They work together, but the group is betrayed to the bears by the older bee Mara, and consequently, the tribute is raised until even organised bees cannot make enough honey. Jana is blamed for the crisis even by Sophie and Johnny, who abandons the group. Discovering the bears’ true motives, Mara realises her mistake and sacrifices herself to encourage the bees to fight back. Along with Johnny and Sophie, the bees seek Jana to lead a rebellion against the bears and their tyranny. Finally free, the bees get to decide their way of life. Jana proposes the creation of the hive, and the bees choose her to become the first queen.

Director’s statement
I feel a deep connection to The Hive's story, and its theme keeps me attracted, giving me the resolve to move forward. As the project's potential was recognised by the Film Center of Serbia and the biggest local distributor, MCF MegaCom Films, we saw an opportunity to bring a fresh story to whole families. The Hive will entertain and also communicate a powerful message to its viewers. Although we are currently searching for the film's director, I strongly believe that based on the international co-production, The Hive is going to achieve great results with its modest budget.

Country of production


Target audience

family, children 6+

Animation Technique

3D (CGI)

Production company


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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