The Great War of Marie Curie

La Grande Guerre de Marie Curie

1914. Marie Curie was a widow. Suddenly idle in her laboratory because all her colleagues had been called up to the front, she looked for something to do: she wanted to take part in the war effort! She's going to fight with her strong will and her science.

In August 1914, all Marie Curie's colleagues were mobilised and she found herself alone and idle in her laboratory. She did not know how to make herself useful, until she became aware of the terrible disorganisation of the care given to the wounded. Above all, the wounds to which the soldiers were exposed were new. Shrapnel is no longer located exactly opposite the point of impact in the body. Surgeons had to cut open bodies to find the shrapnel, and patients often suffered and died. Marie Curie came up with a fantastic new diagnostic method: X-rays. For four years, she devoted all her strength and scientific talent to the widespread use of radiology and contributed, along with her allies, to maintaining a certain humanity in the face of war.

Director and Scriptwriter
Camille Alméras

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Production company

Tripode Productions

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