A granddaughter finds a letter written by her grandmother 12 years ago. Since the grandmother is no longer here, this is a granddaughter's attempt to answer with her own letter.

…When pain overpowers all other feelings and desires, we tend to look back at our lives and try to sum up all of the lived experiences. You blame yourself for setting wrong life priorities. It's too late! Love each other, appreciate each other and believe that everything you say to each other will be reciprocated - said Grandma Dragica in her ornate farewell letter. To her granddaughter Dalija, her grandmother's last letter arrives 12 years later and, after reading it, she realizes that in reality everything turned out exactly the opposite of what her grandmother wished for her in writing. The family is not careful, does not communicate and their priorities are messed up. Provoked by the fact that the grandmother represents times long past, and which in fact may never have been the way the grandmother describes them, the granddaughter also discovers that her grandmother was different than she remembers her. Therefore, the granddaughter decides to reply the grandmother with a letter of her own.

Director’s statement
In my grandmother’s last letter, which until recently I didn’t even know existed, a few things surprised me. How is it possible that today, 12 years later, everything in our lives is exactly the opposite of what our grandmother hoped for us? How is it possible that my grandmother and I are so "close" genetically, but also so far in the way of perception and experience of the world? Just as my grandmother was motivated to write the letter so that something would be left behind her, I was guided by the need and the right to respond to that letter. "Opening" is the granddaughter's response to her grandmother's last letter. The combination of two worlds that through the technique of stop-motion animation and drawings, intervention in archival footage of family gatherings and computer 2D animation drawings creates a visual collage of the two worlds intertwined, two generations that inevitably influence each other, permeate even when they are no longer physically together.

Director and Scriptwriter
Dalija Dozet
Petra Zlonoga

Country of production


Target audience


Animation technique

drawing, stop motion

Production company


Estimated budget

62.067,00 EUR

Funding secured

We have no funding secured at the moment. We have applied to the open call of the Croatian audiovisual centre and the open call of the city of Zagreb in 2021. We have received positive feedback and have been encouraged to repeat the application in 2022. we have applied to the open call of the Croatian audiovisual centre in 2022. We expect the results in June or July 2022. We will also repeat the application to the city of Zagreb in 2022.


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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