Of Words and Waves

Les Mots de l'Homme-Cachalot

Leon eats, literaly, books everyday just to feel happy, his only way to escape the cruelty of the real world. The meeting with his new neighbor and a new experience will defintely change everything.

Leon is a big guy who devours, literaly, tons of books. It's the only way he found to escape the cruelty of the real world and feels happy, deconnected from everything. Leon don't eat any kind of words, but those that are meaningful, like poetry, litterature. Beautfil words to go to beautiful worlds. This strange still peaceful life is disturbed when a new neighbor arrives and discovers the secret of Leon. Ashamed, Leon locks himself in his apartment and devours every book, until there's none to satiate him. Running out of solutions, he eats the flowers offered by his neighbour, and discovers a totally new experience, more impressive, more powerful, more connected to life. Remembering his old herbarium, he eats it too and remembers his childhood, the difficulty to communicate with others especially his father, and why he started to eat books. At peace with himself and his way of life, Leon will finally happy in the real world, even ready to spend more time with his neighbour.

Director’s statement
The story of Leon is the story of a man, like everyone else, at once very ordinary and extraordinary. He just doesn't know it. It tells how to embrace one's uniqueness and turn it into strength, how to bring one's touch of beauty into the vast cosmos when one is convinced of having nothing to contribute. It is above all a story of emancipation where the main character decides to overcome his fears to transform them into something positive and inspiring, in order to find meaning in his existence and his place in society. Like words in a sentence, ultimately. I want to create a first poetic and melancholic film, tender and dark at the same time. The film will mainly be made in black and white, with shades of grey and dark colours for the “reality” parts, then pastel-coloured touches during the imaginary sequences. The sound will be worked as very atmospheric, as the music. The film will be in 2D animation.

Director and Scriptwriter
Valène De Valck

Country of production


Target audience

Teenagers and adults

Animation Technique


Production company


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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