May 08 | 14:00—15:30 |

Tackling the Digital/OTT/VOD

Recent trends and opportunities for indie and animation producers and the distribution sector (exclusive – registered participants only)

Online session with Wendy Bernfeld, founder and managing director of consultancy/digital agency Rights Stuff, who will present and help navigate the maze that is the current world of digital distribution. After the sea change accelerated by Covid-19, digital sector alternative angles were pushed forward in 2020, including online and/or hybrid festivals, ''virtual cinema'', Premium VOD releases, and thankfully also an upsurge in catalogue buying from different platform sources. Along with ''hybrid'' variations, these trends have continued – including the evolving SVOD, AVOD and OTT trends, in a delicate balance with more traditional routes. The core of Wendy's lecture focuses – [after briefly touching on the BigGuns (Netflix/Amazon/Disney types)] – on who else is out there now in the international digital sector, buying and/or sometimes funding films and animation. This includes a range of head-on, more mainstream competitors (e.g. telecoms, cable, TVnets), and also more niche-specific complementary platforms (such as sites that are 100% animation, 100% horror, etc.). Overall, there is a wealth of opportunities for indies across different windows (PVOD, TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, etc. etc.) and across various regions. Thus, after the landscape and platforms overview, Wendy will also highlight some practical how-tos: on approaches: i.e. sequence (windows/rights/revenue), monetization, and outreach: direct/DIY and/or with representatives (sales agents/distributors, digital aggregators, b2b online markets) etc., and some other pragmatic tips. The session is then followed by the international Animation Digital Sector Evolution, Challenges and Opportunities'' panel moderated by Wendy – including film and animation producers/distributors and VOD platforms.


Wendy Bernfeld

(Rights Stuff)


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