CEE Projects Looking for a Coproducer at MIFA 2022

13ka, Czech Republic

WEBSTERS, series, episodes 20 – 26, d. Katarina Kerekesova, 3D CGI + 2D digital

Badi Badi, Poland

ROBOT AND THE MARTIANS, TV series 52×4 min, d. Tom Niedzwiedz, Mikolaj Valencia, animation 3D

BCD Film AB, Sweden

PUCK, series, 2D/Toon Boom Harmony

Bionaut, Czech Republic

ANIMALIES, series 26×11 min, d. Katerina Karhankova and Marek Naprstek, 2D/3D

ROSA & DARA AND THEIR GREAT SUMMER ADVENTURE, 90 min feature film, d. Martin Duda, 3D

Bionaut, Divize, Czech Republic

9 MILLION COLORS, short, d. Bára Anna Stejskalová, stop-motion

Boddah, Hungary

DINO DOOM, feature, d. Zsuzsanna Kreif, Balázs Turai, 2D

Cinemon Entertainment, Hungary

TOMMY AND THE LION, series, d. Attila Bardos, 2D

MIRACLES, series, d. Bea Kis-Kery, 2D

CUB Animation, Hungary

ROSIE AND SAPPHIRE, series, d. Anna Katalin Lovrity, digital 2D

THE CAT PRINCESS, feature, d. Iván Tamás, hand-drawn animation

MILU’S DOG, short, d. Daniel Gray, hand-drawn animation

Derengo Animation Kft., Hungary

H.A.Z.E., series 24 min. episodes, d. Ferenc Nothóf, 2D/3D

DR. BRENNAN-BERRY’S 100% PURE FRUITLOOPERY, series 22 min. episodes, d. Emi Farmosi, 2D

BORKA AND THE MAGIC DRESS, series 7 min. episodes, d. Beáta Gurmai, 2D/3D

EGoFILM, Poland

THE SHREW OF DESTINY, feature in production, d. Marcin Wasilewski, Jacek Rokosz, 2D cut-out animation

KITTY CAT, series 26 x 7 min, d. Marta Stróżycka, 2D cut-out animation

BIRDS OF PARADISE, short, d. Tomek Ducki, 2D cut-out animation

Finta, Slovenia

THE BOY, TV special, d. Špela Čadež, mixed technique

THE COSMONAUTS, short, d. Leo Černic, 2D

PRINCESS ROSE BEETLE, short, d. Anka Kočevar, 2D

Glass Elephants studio, Lithuania

GLASS ELEPHANTS, short, d. Vykintas Labanauskas, Dominyka Adomaityte, stop motion

Hausboot, Czech Republic

GOLEM, feature, d. Jiiri Barta, mixed technique

TIMELESS, feature, d. Denisa Grimmova, Jan Bubenicek, stop motion

VEGGIERADO, series, d. Jan Bubenicek, 3D

Invida, Slovenia

KNITTLES, series, d. Timon Leder, mix stop motion and 2D computer animation

HOW IT GROWS, series, d. Miha Kalan, 2D computer animation

Kouzelná animace, Czech Republic

ANIMUMS, 3 animation short series, different techniques

Krakow Animation Center, Poland

GONAVE, short, d. Michal Soja, Roza Duda, live action, 3D

THE HOUSE OF WIND, feature, d. Tomasz Siwinski, painting animation

AHA, short, d. Paulina Jaklik, stop motion

MAUR film, Czech Republic

ROSENTAAL, feature, d. Miroslav Krobot, rotoscopy feature adventure film for preteenage

THE ELEVEN, feature, d. David Sukup, incredible family football roadmovie through to the World Cup


PETS&OTHERS, series, d. Justyna Osiecka, 2D

LOLA AND THE SOUND PIANO, TV special, d. Augusto Zanovello, puppets

Safe Frame, Romania

THE LUTE, short, d. Laura Pop, 2D

Studio Zmei, Bulgaria

MILA AND MARKO, series, d. Dimitar Petrov, Digital 2d


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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