CEE Projects Looking for a Distributor at MIFA 2022

13ka, Czech Republic

THE WEBSTERS IN THE MOVIE, feature, 65 min, d. Katarina Kerekesova, 3D animation + live action, 2022

Badi Badi, Poland

WITTY KITTY, TV sereis 52 x 6 min, d. Kacper Dudek, Tom Niedzwiedz, animation 2D

Bionaut, Czech Republic

ROSA & DARA AND THEIR GREAT SUMMER ADVENTURE, 90 min feature film, d. Martin Duda, 3D

Bionaut, Divize, Czech Republic

9 MILLION COLORS, 25 min TV Special, d. Bara Anna Stejskalova, puppet animation

Boddah, Hungary

AMOK, short, d. Balázs Turai, 2D

Cinemon Entertainment, Hungary

AS LONG AS THE GRASS GROWS, feature, d. Aron Gauder, 2D

TALES FROM THE LAKESIDE, feature & series, d. Zsolt Palfi, 2D

WILLY AND THE GUARDIANS OF THE LAKE, feature, d. Zsolt Palfi, 2D

CUB Animation, Hungary

DOOR TO OTHERTOWN, series, d. Balint Gelley, digital 2D

Derengo Animation Kft., Hungary

H.A.Z.E., series 24 min episodes, d. Ferenc Nothóf, 2D/3D

DR. BRENNAN-BERRY’S 100% PURE FRUITLOOPERY, series 22 min episodes, d. Emi Farmosi, 2D

BORKA AND THE MAGIC DRESS, series 7 min episodes, d. Beáta Gurmai, 2D/3D

EGoFILM, Poland

KITTY CAT, series 26 x 7 min, first episode ready, d. Marta Stróżycka, 2D cut-out animation

TALES OF TAPPI THE VIKING, series 13 x 11 min, first season ready, second season 26 x 11 min in production, d. Łukasz Kacprowicz, 2D cut-out

POMPPIK, series 26 x 7 min, d. Wiesław Zięba, Andrzej Piotr Morawski, Alex Vetter, Paweł Garbacz, Piotr Dębski, Maciej Kur, 2D cut-out animation

Finta, Slovenia

THE THREE BIRDS, short, d. Zarja Menart, multiplane cut-out animation

Fool Moon, Slovakia

MIMI AND LISA – THE GARDEN, TV special, 26 min, d. Ivana Sebestova, Katarina Kerekesova, 2D cut-out, 2022


THE WEBSTERS IN THE MOVIE, 65 min feature, d. Katarina Kerekesova, 3D animation + live action, 2022

Glass Elephants studio, Lithuania

GLASS ELEPHANTS, short, d. Vykintas Labanauskas, Dominyka Adomaityte, stop motion

GRANDMA’S PANCAKES, short, d. Vykintas Labanauskas, Dominyka Adomaityte, stop motion

Invida, Slovenia

HOW IT GROWS, series, d. Miha Kalan, 2D computer animation

WEASEL, short, d. Timon Leder, 2D

Kecskemétfilm, Hungary

URBAN LEGENDS, series 26 x 3 min, d. Kati Glaser, 2D computer animation

FAMILY LEGENDS, TV special 62 min, d. Kati Glaser, 2D computer animation

GYPSY TALES, series 13 x 7,5 min, art d. Maria Horvath, 3D

Kouzelná animace, Czech Republic

WILD EYE PUB, short, d. Filip Nerold, puppet animation

Last Films, Czech Republic

HURIKÁN, short, d. Jan Saska, 2D hand drawn animation

DESIRE TO WIN, short, d. Michaela Režová, stop motion mixed with 2D animation

HELLO SUMMER, short, d. Martin Smatana & Veronika Zacharová, stop motion mixed with 2D animation

MAUR film, Czech Republic

ROSENTAAL, feature, d. Miroslav Krobot, rotoscopy feature adventure film for preteenage

THE ELEVEN, feature, d. David Sukup, incredible family football roadmovie through to the World Cup


THE FAUN, feature, d. Augusto Zanovello, puppets / mixed techniques

MY DREAM MY STORY, mini-series, docudrama with animated elements, 2D/cut out

Safe Frame, Romania

THE LUTE, short, d. Laura Pop, 2D

Serafinski Studio sp. z o.o., Poland

AGGIE, series for children 26 x 10 min, various directors, 2D animation, collage

PATCHWORK KINGDOM, series for children 13 x 7 min, d. Malgorzata Bosek-Serafinska, various directors for episodes, 2D, cut outs, collage from fabrics


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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