A Journey of an Eastern European IP to the German Market

CEEA Experience 9 Session – 28.2.2023 14:00

What made a German distributor pick an Easter Europe IP? What does it take to successfully pitch a project to German decision markers and to what extent it can serve as an entry point to other Western Europe territories? Director Katarina Kerekesova will introduce the Websters IP in making: its past present and future. Producer Anna Vasova will describe its way onto the international market, the pitches, discussions and challenges. Susanne Freese from OneGate Media will offer insight from the other side: why did she pick the IP and how she sold it to Amazon, what are her further steps? And what we could learn from that about the German market.


Susanne Freese (Germany), Anna Vasova (Czech Republic), Katarina Kerekesova (Slovakia)


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