12 Animated Projects and 6 Film Professionals Selected for CEE Animation Workshop

CEE Animation Workshop is a year-long project development and production skills advancement programme for professionals. For the second edition, filmmakers from low production capacity countries could apply with animated projects of any format (short, TV, features, hybrid) in development. The call was also open to a limited number of participants without projects, representatives of industry and public institutions.

We are very pleased to introduce you 12 teams and their animated projects (4 features films, 5 short films, 3 TV series) together with 6 professionals from 14 countries.

The selected projects and participants are as follows:


Original title: Deleted
Producer: Aleksandar Protic (Serbia)
Second participant: Zoran Krstic, director (Serbia)
Format: feature film
Animation technique: 3D Motion capture animation/Virtual production
Logline: Humans of the future are living underground, but ultimately they are forced into coming out to the surface of the world, where, alone in the radioactive, but magnificent nature they discover their own world.

Hercule’s Rescue

Original title: Спасувањето на Херкул
Producer: Robert Naskov (Macedonia)
Second participant: Zvonko Naumoski, scriptwriter
Company: Kino Oko
Format: feature film
Animation technique: traditional
Logline: When a decision has been made for Hercules, the crane ship and a hero among the locals, to be dismantled into pieces and sold as scrap iron, a strange group of sea animals and people decide to oppose the bad owner Leopold in his intention and save the ship from its bad destiny. On another level, this cartoon focuses on the battle between the good and the bad, a battle between greed and honesty to save the values.


Original title: იგი
Producer: Vladimer Katcharava (Georgia)
Second participant: Natia Nikolashvili, director (Georgia)
Company: 20 Steps Productions
Format: feature film
Animation technique: 2D
Logline: prehistoric tale about a man who stood upright.


Original title: Μια Νύχτα με τους Καλικάτζαρους
Producer: Michalis Kastanidis (Greece)
Second participant: Spyros Siakas, director (Greece)
Company: Fabula Productions
Format: feature film
Animation technique: 3D (CGI)
Logline: It’s 12 days before Christmas at an isolated Greek village where everyone lives under the shadow and the fear of the Kalikatzarous. When a young and ambitious teacher arrives, he starts preparing a Christmas shadow-theatre play, but what he does not know yet is that only the young pupils can solve the mystery of the Kalikatzarous.

In Her Face

Original title: Pelo na venta
Producer: Margarida Madeira (Portugal)
Second participant: Margarida Madeira (Portugal)
Company: Pickle Films
Format: short film
Animation technique: mixed media
Logline: In the beginning of the 19th century, women transformed the literal representation of their moustaches and beards into a sign of power, strength and sexyness.

Love, Dad

Original title: Váš táta
Producer: Karolina Davidova (Czech Republic)
Second participant: Diana Cam Van Nguyen, director  (Czech Republic, Vietnam)
Company: 13ka
Format: short film
Animation technique: stop motion
Logline: A dad and his girl. Set apart by prison bars, bound by letters of love.

Someone as Flow

Original title: Inimene kui kulg
Producer: Edina Csüllög (Hungary)
Second participant: Helen Unt, director (Estonia)
Company: Undi teod OÜ
Format: short film
Animation technique: drawn film + cut-out and paint on glass on a multi-plane table under the camera
Logline: It is a story of several metamorphoses of a person who becomes light light.

The Hoarder

Original title: The Hoarder
Producer: Akvilė Bliujūtė (Lithuania)
Second participant: Meinardas Valkevičius, director (Lithuania)
Company: UAB Meinart
Format: short film
Animation technique: 2D
Logline: Look at the world around through the eyes of the illness.

The Voice

Original title: LA VOCE
Producer: Vessela Dantcheva (Bulgaria)
Second participant: Ivan Bogdanov, director  (Bulgaria)
Company: Compote Collective
Format: short film
Animation technique: traditional
Logline: A promising opera star loses his voice. The price he has to pay turns out to be much too high.


Original title: Postižky
Producer: Barbora Příkaská (Czech Republic)
Second participant: Kateřina Karhánková, director (Czech Republic)
Company: Bionaut
Format: TV series
Animation technique: 2D
Logline: Have you ever been in the woods and come across a blind deer with white antlers instead of a white cane, a deaf centipede that communicates in sign language, or height-challenged rebel wolf who gets enraged if someone baby-talks him (which is always happening because he’s soooo cute)? An animated series for kids in which animals with and without disabilities get into absurd and comical situations that arise from poor communication and a lack of understanding about the lives and needs of others.


Original title: Plešouni
Producer: Jiri Sadek (Czech Republic)
Second participant: Eliska Podzimkova, director (Czech Republic)
Company: Old&Rich Production
Format: TV series
Animation technique: Hybrid – live-action with 2D handdrawn animation
Logline: Yes, you have cancer and this series is going to help you become bald and strong, but mainly positive.


Original title: Koko Dajsa
Producer: Maja Zupanc (Slovenia)
Second participant: Jernej Zmitek, director (Slovenia)
Company: Invida d.o.o.
Format: TV series
Animation technique: 2D
Logline: Teenage hen Katka (10) explores the Big City with her grumpy aunt Cluckrissa, whose negative outlook on life she unwittingly changes over the course of their adventures.

Participants without a project:

Sanja Borcic, Zagreb film (Croatia)
Simona Móciková, Bright Sight Pictures (Slovakia)
Ülo Pikkov, Silmviburlane (Estonia)
Nadege Seet, Fabrique d’images SA (Luxembourg)
Andrijana Sofranić, To Blink Animation (Serbia)
Dagne Vildziunaite, Just a moment (Lithuania)

The programme consists of three workshops each lasting 6 days and taking place at a different location.

  • 29.11. – 5.12. 2019 / Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 16. – 21.3. 2020 / Tallinn, Estonia (tbc)
  • 4. – 9.5. 2020 / Třeboň (tbc), Czech Republic (merging with the CEE Animation Forum)

CEE Animation Workshop is organized with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union.


CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organisations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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